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Standard Delivery

Standard courier shipping services follow a set guideline depending on where you live. Often, this means the package has to be under a certain weight to not incur extra charges. For the most part, the threshold for large packages is 50kg.

Standard deliveries often take 1-3 days for your package to reach you. This is the best and cheapest way for you to get your package if you’re not in any rush. Standard delivery services also prioritize the weight of the package over its size.

Same Day Delivery

Same Day delivery services are a more popular variant of standard delivery services. As you can tell by the name, this option means you get your package on the same day as you order it. This is perfect for those who have an urgent agenda to attend.

This type of service has some restrictions though. You have to call in the order and request before noon of the same day. This ensures we can arrange for the route and acquisition of your parcel.

Also, deliveries need to be local. The sending address must also be within local bounds to ensure you get it within the promised time. If the conditions line up though, you can expect your package before the day comes to a close.

Overnight Shipping

If you opt for an overnight delivery service though, it ignores the mentioned time restrictions.

Overnight deliveries are great for businesses or individuals who can’t get their goods delivered during rush hours. For instance, businesses who deliver building materials and others who have large goods to transport.

With this delivery option, you won’t have to worry about your package getting stuck in traffic. You should let us know about wanting overnight delivery beforehand.

This is a great option to go for if the package you expect is at risk of expiring mid transport. Some goods and products don’t do well sitting in traffic under the intense heat. This ensures they spend less time on the road and under harsh conditions.

Rush & on Demand Deliver

If you think the same day delivery service is fast, then you’ll find rush and immediate deliveries amazing. Rush and on-demand deliveries are for those who need it as soon as possible. You won’t need to wait more than half a day to get your deliveries this way. The service though is location bound.

Often, it only takes 4 hours for delivery to reach you this way. This is a great service to go for if you’re expecting important documents to arrive. Medical emergencies and other types of urgencies also benefit a lot from this.

It’s also a great option to go for in the event you need to return a delivered good. You must get a package returned as soon as you can to be able to coordinate with the other party sooner. This way, you’ll ensure nothing bad happened in the package while in your brief possession.

Parcel Services

Parcel deliveries are popular with the current generation nowadays. Often, these deliveries are small and take no time to get to the receiver. For the most part, these follow the same day delivery timetable.

Some cases have exceptions though depending on what the item is. For instance, food items, a popular good for this service, will only take no more than an hour to deliver. Other packages can also receive special instructions for delivery with this option.

This type of delivery service is only available for local deliveries. This is also to ensure we can deliver the goods within the promised time.

Luggage Delivery

Another great way to employ the help of TSOKA is by having us deliver excess baggage. With this service we pick up your luggage for you to get delivered where you need to go. This way, you won’t need to worry about damaging or losing them along the way.

This option also ensures the safety of your luggage. TSOKA will wrap these kinds of packages in protective coverings. This allows your luggage to avoid any kind of damage during its journey.

Personalized Errands

Our errand services make it possible for you to use your time more wisely. You do what you are good at and what you enjoy. Let us do the rest.

Customized errands includes but not limited to shopping, event planning, house and pet sitting, supervise move in or move out, business and personal concierge. Your request though must be legal and moral.

Our Plans

Local Packages

Standard Delivery

  • 0-25Kgs : USD$0.80 per km
  • 26-50Kgs : USD$1.00 per km
  • 51-75Kgs : USD$1.20 per km
  • 76-150Kgs : USD$1.50 per km
  • Free Packaging
  • 24/7 support
Local Packages

Rush on Demand Delivery

  • 0-25Kgs : USD$1.00 per km
  • 26-50Kgs : USD$1.20 per km
  • 51-75Kgs : USD$1.40 per km
  • 76-150Kgs : USD$1.70 per km
  • Free Packaging
  • 24/7 support
Local Packages

Same Day Delivery

  • 0-25Kgs : USD$0.90 per km
  • 26-50Kgs : USD$1.10 per km
  • 51-75Kgs : USD$1.30 per km
  • 76-150Kgs : USD$1.40 per km
  • Free Packaging
  • 24/7 support
$7 Per Parcel

Intercity Small Packages

  • 0-5Kgs
  • Free Packaging
  • 24/7 support
$8 Per Kg

Intercity Medium Packages

  • 6-7Kgs
  • Free Packaging
  • 24/7 support
$1 Per Kg

Intercity Large Packages

  • 8Kgs & Above
  • Free Packaging
  • 24/7 support
$4 Per 1 Kg

Mzaya Prepaid Pack

Minimum Order Quantity is 5

$7 Per 3 Kgs

Chommie Prepaid Pack

Minimum Order Quantity is 5

$10 Per 5 Kgs

Makoti Prepaid Pack

Minimum Order Quantity is 5