About Us

Who is Tsoka?

We Deliver on the Run, Tochi Mhanya.

Tsoka was established due to demand for delivery services at the height of the first covid-19 lockdown in August 2020. We realized that whilst people were not moving, they still needed goods and services to move.

One of our subsidiaries; Beyond Borders Logistics, a freight forwarding & clearing entity offered a ready market because they were commercial goods and covid related goods (PPE) that it was forwarding and clearing for companies and individuals from China.

Tsoka started off by using a personal vehicle until the first 3 wheeler bike was bought in January 2021.To date there are 4 vehicles; one 3 ton truck, one 3 wheeler bike & two wheeler bikes with plans to increase the fleet and areas being serviced.

More About Tsoka

To provide global logistics solutions locally.

To connect products/services and users across Zimbabwe.

  • To move goods quickly and affordably.
  • To remove barriers to access to critical services.
  • To create new delivery booking solutions.
  • To help businesses provide a seamless ecommerce experience.
  • To create a logistics chain where both our employees and customers can thrive.

  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Solution Centric
  • Kindness
  • Transparency

Why Choose Us

Customer Centric

Our customers are our kings , we are here to serve you in which ever way you want.

Live Package Tracking & Updates

You can ask where your package is at any time on our whatsapp hotline.

Multiple Transport Options

We can deliver package with your transport type of choice. Toita zvoenderana nehomwe.

Timely Delivery

We deliver on time. Tinouya tichimhanya takasvika!

24 / 7 Service

Our agents are always ready to receive your queries and resolve in time.

Freight Payment Options

We accept various payment options for the service.